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PlanIt - WIP: Game Info and Link

Details and Download Link:                                                                                            Work in Progress. Version 0.25 (Release number 12)                                                                                     File size: 15.0MB                                                                                                                                                 File Type: .exe                                                                                                                                                     Download Links: GameJolt                                                                                                                        

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PlanIt - WIP

PlanIt is a Work in Progress game. Please send through any feedback or ideas you have, and bear this in mind when rating the game. Thank you.


WASD - move about

Arrows (left and right) - rotate left and right

Shift - Run

E - pick up a weapon, enter base, exit base.

Q - drop a weapon, deposit weapon in base

F - Attack with/swing weapon/item

C - Display 'compass' pointing to base

H - toggle HUD display on/off

Mouse - used in menus and base to select items.

F1 - Display help file, DevLog and credits


PlanIt is a work in progress game with a unique style, combining Adventure, RPG and Strategy elements.

The current version plays as follows:

You begin in the centre of a procedurally generated ‘planet’ which contains creatures, scenery and items. You start next to your base, and the further away you travel, the more dangerous the world becomes. You must use any items you find, from wooden planks to animal bones, in order to fend off aggressive creatures as you gather materials and store them in your base.

Inside the base, you can craft items from the materials you have gathered: make tools such as pickaxes or cages in which to trap the creatures roaming the land. You can then use these to perform new actions and find new materials – mine rocks for gold or capture creatures to help you on your side.

As you gain EXP for killing creatures and mining, you will level up, awarding you with STAT points which can be used inside the base to increase your character’s HP, movement speed or strength (used for wielding more powerful items).

Because the planet generation is random, each planet will be different and everybody will have a unique experience!

Current Features:

-       Procedural Planet Generation

-       A variety of items and weapons to wield.

-       Two enemy types, with unique behaviours (territorial and peaceful).

-       Day and night time.

-       Deposit items in the base to acquire materials.

-       Craft items in the base to use outside.

-       Level up to improve your stats.


Programming: Junhalestone

Concept and graphics: HelpMyFellowPeople

Surface Light effects: Zilven

Additional Graphics: Fason7, Explogen V2 


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The game begins by procedurally (randomly) generating a planet. This is where

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